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“Negotiation seems to have built up a bad name for itself over the years. It conjures up the wrong images of combatant conversations and poker-face interactions… There is another way where we can use negotiation as a tool for intelligent, creative brainstorming to create incredible outcomes for ourselves and our counterparts. This is our mission.Tony Anagor, Co-Founder of EIN

Learn EIN to Empower Your Business

Emotionally Intelligent Negotiation is the ability to approach a negotiation or difficult conversation with the sole intention of solving the problem or reaching an agreement, without ego getting in the way. Practising EIN will lead to a more refined understanding of your business needs and how you feel, while allowing you to build effective bridges of empathy.
Our comprehensive program takes a pragmatic approach to how we communicate and provides a platform for participants to blend their own natural style with evidence-based tools and strategies for negotiation.

When we reframe the idea of negotiation as a dialogue between parties committed to finding an optimal outcome to a solution, the possibilities become endless. The solutions are only limited by our creativity and willingness to engage.

We have analysed 100s of negotiations across companies and cultures and have found that there are some key hypotheses and tendencies that underpin all negotiations. Our courses provide a platform for people to learn and practise the skills of Emotionally Intelligent Negotiation to have a positive impact on their professional and personal lives.
Let’s explore how you can take your communication skills to the next level.

Flexibility via Live, Online and Hybrid Sessions

Our EIN workshops provide valuable tools that will allow you and your business to focus on interpersonal growth and building better relationships within your team and external stakeholders. Through our series of live, online or hybrid workshops, you and your team will learn about the seven principles of Emotionally Intelligent Negotiation as well as gain insight into your own personal communication style. In negotiation, EIN will help you handle your emotions and manage the emotions of others to create better outcomes. Finally, you’ll learn how to create value before capturing value.

Learn the 4 Levels at Your Own Pace

Emotionally Intelligent Negotiation is not something you’ll learn from a book—successful EIN skills can only come from practice.

We have designed the course around universal concepts that should be intuitive. Much of the content should sound like common sense, though in the heat of the moment, we often forget or neglect these basic skills and values. Practising helps us to embed EIN skills to become part of our natural communication style.

In our program, we offer you the space and flexibility to develop these skills and apply EIN in your daily interactions. We know time is money and that each team has its own rhythm, so our EIN program can easily be adapted to your company’s needs and preferences. Whether it’s through a series of 3-hour workshops, in a 2-day intensive format, or a one-on-one coaching session, we’ll make sure you and your team explore the four levels of EIN designed to transform you into proficient negotiators.
Let’s talk about how we can tailor our program to your needs.

Foundations, Skills, and Advanced EIN Techniques

EIN Level 1 Foundations

level 1 - foundation

  • 7 Principles of Emotionally Intelligent Negotiation
  • The Negotiation Timeline
  • Negotiation Preparation
EIN Level 2 Implementation

level 2 - Team Training

  • Asking Good Questions
  • Building Empathy and Rapport
  • Constructing Deals that Stick

level 2 - Team Training

  • Asking Good Questions
  • Building Empathy and Rapport
  • Constructing Deals That Stick
EIN Level 2 Implementation
EIN Level 3 Personalisation

level 3 - key skills

  • Active Listening
  • Emotional Management
  • Creative Thinking
EIN Level 4 Acceleration

Level 4 – Advanced Tools and Techniques

  • Dealing with conflict
  • Maximising value capture
  • Advanced negotiation concepts

Level 4 – Advanced Tools and Techniques

  • Dealing With Conflict
  • Maximising Value Capture
  • Advanced Negotiation Concepts
EIN Level 4 Acceleration

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