In business, better conversations make everything better.

Our success and quality of life are directly linked to our relationships with others, so it’s vital that we’re able to influence, discuss ideas, and explore solutions that are positive and mutually beneficial.
Whether it’s with our colleagues, our clients or service providers, we often find ourselves in negotiation without realising it.
We negotiate when brainstorming ideas in meetings. We negotiate when delegating tasks for a new project. We negotiate when trying to market and sell new products, when bargaining rates and clauses, and when navigating the complexities of contracts, mergers and acquisitions. Sometimes it seems like our entire life is a negotiation.
Often, however, someone comes out of a negotiation feeling drained, dissatisfied or conquered—or as if they’ve overpowered or taken advantage of the other party. That’s no way to do business.
What if you could empower yourself, your colleagues, managers, and business partners to have better conversations that lead to better outcomes for all?
Our EIN workshops and coaching sessions teach you how to do that, and more.

The Founders of EIN

The Emotionally Intelligent Negotiation program was developed in 2020 by Tony Anagor and Lee Smallwood, two successful entrepreneurs who came together quite fortuitously in 2020. Both were driven by a desire to deepen their knowledge of how people communicate to create agreements that have long-lasting positive impacts, so together they masterminded the EIN mission, program, and workbooks.
More specifically, Tony is a leadership coach and communication skills expert with over two decades of experience in negotiation across cultures and industries. He coaches leaders and their teams in the art of Emotionally Intelligent Negotiation and is also a Communication Skills lecturer in the Executive & Global Executive MBA programs at the IESE Business School in Barcelona, Spain. Check out his full bio here.
Lee is a serial entrepreneur with a solid background in the banking and fintech industry. He is currently empowering the crypto economy as Managing Partner and COO of Hivemind, his second successful start-up, where he practises his negotiation skills in the fast-paced world of Web3.

Tony Anagor

Tony Anagor
Based in Barcelona

Lee Smallwood

Based in New York

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