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In today’s interconnected world, the quality of our lives can be related directly to our ability to influence others positively and constructively. We can often find ourselves in a negotiation without knowing it. Asking for a pay rise, gaining the collaboration of your team, and discussing a joint building project with neighbours in your community. If you want something that requires others to do something that may be a priority to you but not to them, you will invariably have to negotiate.

Emotionally Intelligent Negotiation (EIN) is an approach to negotiating that provides a framework for you to explore what you want with clarity whilst providing a platform for your counterparts to do likewise. By using tools and strategies of Emotionally Intelligent Negotiation, you will be learning to negotiate with assertive empathy so that all parties can deploy their energies toward finding mutually beneficial outcomes.


I have recently participated in his EIN (Emotional Intelligent Negotiation) program which has helped me a lot grow beyond my comfort zone. I am grateful for Tony’s energising calmness and ability to come with insightful questions, listen between the lines and provoke meaningful ideas & impactful outcomes.
Nadine Miesel
Nadine Miesel
Founder Catalyst Beyond the Box
A very interesting and unique experience offering a different perspective of the negotiations, the one of empathetic assertiveness, bringing to the foreground the importance of the emotions in negotiations and in building long term relationships. The course was a perfect balance between theory and dynamics.
Laura Damian
Laura Damian
Purchasing Manager Desigual
Tony is one of the few real coaches I have ever met with more than 25 years of experience, combining the highest levels of professionalism, pragmatism and wisdom together. He has been helping some of the greatest business leaders, influencers and companies in Europe and US and therefore I can highly recommend Tony if you are looking for a real transformational executive coach and trainer.
Daniel Pascual
Daniel Pascual
CEO Vistage

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